Aquaria mouse pointer problem solved

I purchased the Humble Introversion Bundle for the Ubuntu Linux platform.  I have had a problem getting the game Aquaria working on my laptop computer.  The mouse pointer would automatically travel up and left.  In certain menus, selections were impossible to select.  It was very frustrating and made the game unusable.  After much searching, I came upon this page with the solution: “Aquaria mouse pointer problem solved” on the bit blot forums.  Thank you archmage for coming up with this easy solution.  The game is now playable, and my kids love it.

John – K7JM

I bought the Introversion Humble Bundle to play Aquaria on my 64-bit Ubuntu 11.04 system. Unfortunately the mouse did not work, to the point of making the game unplayable.

First of all it was not possible to change resolution, because the mouse pointer kept moving back to “no”. Far more seriously, while in game the character kept moving towards up and left.

A long search on the net provided no clear answer; it seems some people have the same problem on Windows and OSX too. On ubuntu some suggest to disable the package “unclutter” to solve the issues, but I did not have that installed at all.

My solution to the problem was to modify the ~/.Aquaria/preferences/usersettings.xml file. Using any text editor, change the line:

<JoystickEnabled on=”1″ />


<JoystickEnabled on=”0″ />

The game is now playable Cool

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