My CK722 Transistor

I’ve acquired an old Ratheon CK722 transistor several years ago. I knew it was a find when I got it, but then it sat, stored away, for many years.  Today I took some pictures of it and here they are.  If you have never seen one of these beauties, they are royal blue with a red dot on them.  It has a date code on it that says “542”  That means it was built in 1955 in the 42nd week.

The inside of the package has the strangest disclaimer.  It reads “The purchaser or lesee of this device shall not be granted by implication, estoppal or otherwise any license under the patent rightsof American Telephoneand Telegraph Company andits subsidiaries for any combination of another element orelements with such device.”

The CK722 started out costing more than $12.00 to purchase and later went down to $7.50.  WOW!  I have no idea what that is at the current rate, but it is expensive.  I could not find the current price of one of these gems.

Click a picture to see a larger view.


The Beautiful Blue Raytheon CK722 Transistor. Package Front Package Back The Inside Of The Package. A Very Interesting Disclaimer.