Field Day 2009

Field Day is just around the corner. If you are not involved with a local Amateur Radio Club, Field Day is just the way to start getting involved. To find a location near you, visit

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Straight Key Night Video

December 31 is SKN or Straight Key Night. It is an opportunity to get out that straight key and make some great contacts with others.  Many people fire up their vintage tube equipment and have a blast of the past.  Here is a little video from Steve – N0TU, encouraging us to participate in SKN.  I hope to get a couple of contacts in, in between family priorities.

John, K7JM

Who is K7JM?

Click the picture to see a bit of my Ham Radio history.
Click the picture to see a bit of my Ham Radio history.

Thanks for visiting my web site. Hidden among the posts and pages, is a page about me, K7JM.  My name is John McDougall and I reside in Jefferson City, Montana, a very small community south of the capital city of Helena.  I have been licensed since 1973, and love this hobby.  Click HERE to see a bit about my history in Ham Radio.

73, John – K7JM