Montana Ham Assists in Rescue of Fellow Amateur 600 Miles Away

I don’t normally copy posts from other blogs, but I thought this one was worth mentioning.  This is from the ARRL web site at

On Sunday, September 21, Bob Williams, N7ODM, of
Bozeman, Montana, was just tuning around on 40 meters, giving his rig a
test just before a scheduled QSO with his brother Rich, K7URU, in
Spokane, when he heard a faint CW signal around 1 PM (MDT): Glenn
Russell Ruby Jr, W7AU, of Corvallis, Oregon had broken his leg and was
using a portable radio and Morse code to send out a call for help.
Williams said he was able to understand the injured man’s code even
when his signal became very weak.
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Montgomery Ward – Airline Antique Radio

Click the picture to see more of this Montgomery Ward Airline Radio
Click the picture to see more of this Montgomery Ward Airline Radio

I love to collect old radio items. I don’t really go out of my way to find them, but when they find me, I am very interested in picking them up if they are not too hard on my bank account.  I found this beauty at a garage sale today.  There were a couple of other radios there also, but I have a family to feed so I purchased only one.  The radio was from Montgomery Wards and has the label “Airline” on the back.  I have not had a chance to really dig into the innards or look for information about the radio yet.  The radio is a dual bander consisting of the broadcast band and the shortwave band from 5.75 to 17 Mhz.  Click the picture to see a slide show of the details.  If you know anything about this radio, please leave me a comment.


John – K7JM